Giving Thanks

November is one of my favorite months of the year. I remember anticipating the first New England snow fall when the warm autumn colors give way to the cool crisp glittering of snowy woodlands. The sledding hills bustled with industrious young people. The ski slopes thrived with their warm rustic lodges serving the best hot chocolate ever made. I looked forward with anticipation to all of these things that would be enjoyed in December. That was my childhood and though, in some nostalgic moments, I still remember those things with fondness, November has become one of my favorite months for an entirely different reason.deer

November became very meaningful after I trusted Christ as Savior. It has changed from a time of anxious anticipation of the next exciting event to a necessary pause to reflect on who God is and what he has done for me. I call it a necessary pause because we cannot really give thanks properly without reflecting on the reality of God’s merciful steadfast love and how it is evident in every circumstance of our lives. David understood this very well. He also understood the powerful impact giving thanks has on the soul that is oppressed or in the midst of conflict or turmoil. If you read Psalm 9 you will see that it begins with praising God for who he is and what he has done. Psalm 9 turns into a prayer of deliverance from his enemies. Faith is strengthened through the practice of giving thanks and praise. Nevertheless, these practices are meaningless and hollow without reflection and meditation on God’s character and his works. Proof of these things is evident in Scripture. They are also evident in the lives of those who walk with God. I hope that you have a fruitful time of reflection on the truths of Scripture and in God’s mercy and grace evident in your life. May your Thanksgiving Holiday be full of praises and expressions of gratitude spoken to God. He is worthy.